UV and Light-Protectant Windows

Light and UV Benefit of CitiQuiet Windows

The main goal of CitQuiet’s window systems is to provide a quiet, peaceful indoor environment. But these innovative windows have other perks as well!

Your new CitiQuiet windows can reduce the impact of UV and infrared light on your home. Choosing low-E glass makes your windows both energy-efficient and light-protective. You can lower your energy bills and reduce your home’s exposure to the sun’s damaging rays.

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What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E stands for low emissivity. Emissivity is the term used for how the glass radiates and transmits heat. Some window glass allows heat to enter your space in the summer and escape in the winter.

Low-E glass has a protective coating designed to keep the heat where you want it. It reflects outdoor heat in the summer, keeping your home cooler. In the winter, Low-E windows reflect the heat from your HVAC system back into your home.

Protect Your Home from Damaging UV Rays

But did you know that low-E glass has other benefits as well? We know that UV light can damage our skin. It can also damage the furnishings in your home. By blocking those rays, the low-E glass protects you and your home.

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CitiQuiet’s low-E windows help prevent fading. Curtains, furniture, carpeting, wallpaper, and other surfaces will lose color when they are exposed to UV light. Fading is often uneven, as standard windows allow the damaging rays into your home in some areas but not others.

Low-E glass filters out those rays, keeping your colors true and even.

Fading is not the only consequence of allowing UV radiation into your home. Over time, exposure to these rays can damage the integrity of textiles and flooring, reducing their useful lifespan.

Let the Sun Shine In

Don’t mistake CitiQuiet’s low-E windows for tinted glass. A dark tint blocks the shorter wavelengths that we see as light. That may be great for sunglasses, but it is not what you want for your windows.

Low-E glass filters out longer wavelengths. These are the rays that produce heat and damage skin and furnishings. It allows shorter wavelengths to fill your home with safe, natural light.

You do not have to sacrifice the brightness of your space to get the benefits of UV and infrared light protection. The low-E protective layer is not visible and does not distort the light or view from your windows. Our low-E glass windows give you the best of both worlds: the light you love with the protection you need.

For Home or Office

CitiQuiet UV and light-protectant windows are not only for your home. Offices and other spaces benefit from them as well. The same fading you see at home happens to carpets, furniture, and flooring at your business.

Sometimes it’s less obvious with fewer textiles. But those rays are still damaging the integrity of the materials used in your desks, floors, and other office furnishings. Your employees are also exposed to those damaging rays.

CitiQuiet’s low-E soundproof windows reduce distractions, lower commercial heating and cooling costs, and protect everything and everyone in your workplace from harmful UV rays.

Save Money with UV Protection

For a lot of people, the main appeal of low-E glass windows is the savings on your energy bill. Energy efficiency is a major benefit of low-E glass.

But UV and light protection also save money. You won’t be replacing faded furniture. Your floors will last longer and look better. Protecting your space from UV and infrared rays extends the lifespan of everything in it!

The Full Package

When you have CitiQuiet soundproof windows installed in your home or business, you get so much more than a quieter space. By choosing low-E glass, you get improved thermal benefits and lower heating and cooling bills.

You also get the peace of mind that comes from protecting yourself and your home from the damaging rays of the sun. Most of us wear sunscreen outside without considering the harmful light coming through our windows each day.

Low-E glass windows from CitiQuiet protect your space. They protect it from intrusive noise, heat and cold, and sun damage. They allow in all the natural light you want while filtering the harmful rays you cannot see.

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

You get all the same benefits you expect from CitiQuiet’s proven systems: fully operable, easy-to-install, soundproof, energy-efficient windows. By choosing low-E glass, you also add a layer of UV and infrared light protection. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our NYC office to get in touch with our team at CitiQuiet today!

Other Benefits of CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows

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