What to Know About Soundproofing Your Nursery

By Michael Lentin

If you’re a new parent or expect to be one soon, you know that infants and toddlers sleep around the clock—and that the outside world doesn’t always cooperate with your young one’s scattered sleep schedule.

Noise from daytime construction, piercing sirens, and traffic can easily disrupt your child’s rest—interrupting your own downtime in turn.

Recent studies emphasize how crucial sleep is to young children’s growth and development: sleep affects how an infant’s brain matures and consolidates memories; infants who slept better had higher cognitive scores, while toddlers who slept less faced an increased risk for obesity. It’s critical to provide the best environment possible for healthy sleep.

Soundproofing Windows for Your Nursery

Fortunately, creating a noise-free nursery is easy, even in the center of a bustling city. CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows use the science of sound attenuation to shut out external noise pollution, transforming your nursery into the peaceful environment your young one needs to grow, learn, and thrive.

We offer three levels of noise protection that reduce 50%, 70%, and 90% of sound respectively. While 50% may be acceptable for a den you mostly use during the day, bedrooms and nurseries call for the highest degree of noise cancellation. Our strongest solution utilizes half-inch laminated glass to effectively create a serene sanctuary for you and your youngster.

Over the years, we’ve received more than a few thank-you notes from parents overjoyed that their infant can finally sleep in peace—we’re happy to help them catch some shut-eye of their own, too.