What We’ve Been Up To

By Michael Lentin

CitiQuiet was busy this summer. From the Verizon Building to the Hudson Rail Yards and everything in between, we’ve continued growing in our mission to bring peace and tranquility to some of the most noise-infested parts of New York City. Below is a recap of the most exciting projects we worked on this summer:

The United Nations Headquarters
Located just west of the East River, CitiQuiet recently installed Soundproof Window Systems into the United Nations. This has been one of our biggest projects to date, and we are excited to be able to contribute a more quiet and peaceful environment for the UN’s home since 1952—whether it’s those who work in the building on a daily basis, or just those coming through for a tour.

The Verizon Headquarters: Long Island, New York
Garden City’s Verizon headquarters, home to multiple call centers, service centers and more, has been sprucing up their Long Island building in more ways than one. In addition to their newest initiative to install solar panels to cut back on carbon emissions and save on energy costs, they’ve also recently had CitiQuiet’s Soundproof Window Systems installed. Our Windows will help to further implement their energy efficiency efforts by reducing air infiltration, convection and radiation, all while improving insulation.

Hudson Yards Construction (West Side Railyards)
The Hudson Yard is comprised of the areas within W. 42nd and 43rd St, 7th and 8th Ave, W. 28th and 30th St, and Hudson River Park. The construction of new parks, public areas (14 acres worth), shops (100 of them), schools, hotels, residences (5,000 of them) and businesses have brought massive amounts of external and unwanted noise to the area. Additionally, the MTA has been constructing multiple rail lines to compensate for the new traffic these projects will bring to the area.

This massive development has brought 24-hour construction to the area, leaving residents with stress and too many sleepless nights—with a constant “ jack hammering, shouting and revving equipment to their neighborhood,” said one resident, and another claiming, “It’s so loud all the time, I can’t even think.” CitiQuiet was glad to return many residents being plagued by the Hudson Yard construction noise back to a full night’s sleep.

Upper East Side Subway Construction
The good news: MTA budgets have been increasing (by the billions) in order to extend subway Systems in New York. The bad news: this means large amounts of heavy construction in certain areas, most notably the Upper East Side, where the MTA is expanding subways from East 63rd to East 96th—an ongoing project that began in 2012, but isn’t expected to be complete until December of 2016. People aren’t sleeping, and they’re angry; petitions have even been started. The MTA has tried to help residents who have complained about the ongoing overnight drilling, but for many, the only solution was to have CitiQuiet Soundproof Window Systems installed in order to restore a peaceful night’s sleep.