“While the City Never Sleeps, I Do”: CitiQuiet’s Origins

By Michael Lentin

How It All Started
The very first CitiQuiet Windows were installed 20 years ago, in my friend’s Upper East Side townhouse. I was already in the Window business, but my friend, who just had a newborn, had a special request. The excessive and disruptive noises constantly creeping into his home from outside kept their baby from sleeping through the night, which, you guessed it—kept him from sleeping through the night.

Thus, he was desperate for a solution. He asked me if I’d ever installed Windows that were Soundproof. With my engineering and architecture background, I realized that doing so was not only possible, but that my friend’s idea was nothing short of genius.

I knew it wasn’t feasible to make Soundproof Windows that required heavy home reconstruction in order to be installed. The only solution would be to design custom Window inserts that would actually fit into the existing Window. Thus, our team became experts at customizing each and every Soundproof Window for each customer’s specific home or office. Not only did we begin offering custom Window sizes, but we also offered custom glass thickness and color options as well.

With the selling point that no construction was needed (only a simple Window insert onto the pre-existing Windows, not to mention a complimentary installation), CitiQuiet quickly began growing as one of the only affordable and effective solutions to blocking out the city’s noises.

How Far We’ve Come
Today, the CitiQuiet® brand is the most recognized and utilized brand in the Soundproof Window market. While there are many who try to imitate our services and product, we know that our lifetime warranty and unconditional, money-back guarantee will continue solidifying our spot as Soundproofing leaders. We will always be truly committed to customer satisfaction, and we know that it’s this commitment that’s brought us this far.

From New York to Los Angeles, we’ve completely covered the map in Soundproof Window Systems. With customers ranging from the NYU Medical Center to the United Nations Building, we’re blown away by our growth and are very grateful for the thriving success of our business.

What’s Next?
We don’t plan on stopping here. In fact, we want everyone in the country to have a chance to utilize CitiQuiet’s Soundproofing Window Systems in their homes. Our recent Home Depot Partnership is one manifestation of this goal, allowing customers across the nation go into Home Depot stores and test out the Window Systems for themselves.

We also hope to continue giving back to the community that’s given us so much over the years. Our philanthropic endeavors include supporting the American Cancer Society to smaller, grass roots charities such as the Queens Center for Progress (formerly the United Cerebral Palsy of Queens). Others include The Heather on Earth Music Foundation, aiding sick children, and multiple organizations working to find a cure to organ failure.

Our biggest goal will continue to be helping those in need of a more peaceful and quiet life. Claims such as “They’re the best investment we’ve ever made” are what keep us motivated to continue to provide a solution to the seemingly unsolvable noise problem that’s simply unavoidable in large, urban cities.

I’m not sure how many people to claim to truly love their job, but I’m proud to be one of those people. One of the best parts of my job is knowing that I’m actually helping others by making a difference in their lives. In a sense, we’re able to give them back the health, peace and quality of life that their life was previously lacking, and a price tag can’t be put on that.