CitiQuiet in Kendrick Lamar Video

At CitiQuiet, we’ve been proudly serving residents of New York City in soundproof window solutions for many years – for over twenty-five years in fact. As the number one trusted soundproof window company in New York City, we’ve had the opportunity to soundproof many notorious buildings around the city including the Microsoft building with fire-grade windows as well as NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia,  New York University, Gracie Mansion, the Verizon Headquarters on Long Island, the United Nations headquarters, and so many more.

We continue to be surprised with how many homes and businesses we’ve soundproofed and where our logo shows up in the media. For instance, our windows were once featured in an episode of Law & Order and in the Instagram story of a popular Housewife of New York. Probably one of the most surprising features we’ve recently discovered is our CitiQuiet truck randomly passing by in a music video for one of Hip Hop’s most notorious conscious rappers, Kendrick Lamar.

CitiQuiet in Kendrick Lamar’s Music Video Rigamortus

You might have heard of Kendrick Lamar’s very popular song Rigamortus, released in 2011 on his album titled “Section.80”. In this song, Kendrick Lamar relates a state of rigor mortis, a process that occurs in corpses when muscles tighten and the body becomes extremely stiff, to the rap competition. In his music video, if you look close enough in the opening music introduction at the time stamp 0:07, you can see one of CitiQuiet’s trucks pass by 3 musicians in the street, including 2 trumpet players and a drummer.

Check out the video to see one of our trucks in the back of the video!

Apparently, Kendrick Lamar was sued for $1 million for copyright infringement, false designation of origin, and misappropriation of the very popular song “Rigamortis” instrumental. The plaintiffs were two musicians named Eric Reed and Willie Jones, who claimed that Kendrick Lamar ripped off their song “The Thorn” to create his “Rigamortus” instrumental. “The Thorn,” released in the early 2010s, can be listened to here. For someone who is not an expert in rap or music in general, the instrumental composition in both songs sounds nearly identical. Regardless, Rigamortus is still an all-time classic song in Lamar’s rap repertoire with over 14 million streams on YouTube and million more plays on Spotify.

You can listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Rigamortus here:

CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows NYC

What great free publicity for CitiQuiet. Although the likelihood of us having received any leads from the feature is extremely low, it’s still a funny brag to tell our family and friends if anything. So, if you see our truck around the city or in another music video, just know that we are continuing our pursuit in soundproofing windows for the residents and business of NYC to protect the sanctity of a quiet environment in the city that never sleeps.

If you are interested in soundproof windows for your home or office, contact us at 212-874-5362. You’ll be glad you did!

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