Commercial Soundproof Windows

Block Intrusions with Commercial Soundproof Windows

How often are you or your employees distracted by what’s happening outside of your windows? Even momentary noise intrusions are enough to pull your focus from work, and it takes most people some time to regain full focus. That’s why so many businesses in New York City and other large cities are now investing in commercial soundproof windows.

In one scientific study, researchers compared the work output, emotional states, and productivity of workers with and without distractions. They found that occasional interruptions drove participants to work faster, which often came with more mistakes. After about 20 minutes of interruptions, subjects started to feel more stressed and frustrated.

Most office settings come with some background noise and occasional interruptions from colleagues. When noise from the outside world filters through the windows, there are even more distractions. The most effective way to help employees limit distractions and focus on productive work is to install soundproof commercial windows.

5 Reasons You Need Commercial Soundproof Windows

If you own commercial property in NYC or another large city, there are many good reasons to consider commercial soundproofing as a wise investment. Some of these may apply to you more than others, so use this information to determine how advantageous commercial soundproof windows are for your property or business at this time.

CitiQuiet sound proof Window construction - 2 Cooper Square in NYC

Fewer Workflow Disturbances

The more you or your employees are disturbed by events taking place outdoors, the less time your mind is focused on work. When those disturbances become routine, they can significantly reduce overall productivity in any work environment. Commercial soundproof windows block the noise, and you can close blinds to completely shut out distractions when it’s time to focus.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Commercial soundproof windows from CitiQuiet are energy efficient. While blocking out unwanted sound, they also reduce drafts so that your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard to maintain your indoor temperature. They also reduce incoming ultraviolet rays from sunlight, protecting your energy bill along with the coloration of your flooring.

Enhanced Market Value

Commercial space with soundproof windows is more desirable in the marketplace. If you’re a property owner, you may have more businesses interested in leasing your property if you invest in commercial soundproof windows. If you own your property, then soundproofing could enhance the value of your property if you choose to sell it in the future.

Added Security

In addition to improved productivity, soundproofing commercial windows can help from a safety perspective. Laminated glass is more durable and resistant to damage, which makes them more difficult to break or crack. That protects your property from forceful impacts that may come from the outside or inside at unexpected moments.

Not all soundproof commercial windows are made from laminated glass. Make sure to discuss the safety element of any windows you consider installing. Soundproof window experts can help you select the right windows for every commercial property.

Why Choose CitiQuiet?

CitiQuiet has helped thousands of commercial and residential property owners in NYC, and other locations block out intruding sounds. Our soundproof windows eliminate up to 95% of outside noise and require no construction or permanent property alterations. We use your existing window opening and ensure a precise fit, so you never have to secure approval or get a building permit.

If you ever want to remove your commercial soundproof windows, CitiQuiet can take them out quickly. Most businesses and property owners consider soundproofing a permanent upgrade, but it is possible to install high-quality soundproof windows while leasing a property. If you intend to lease the property long-term and the owner is okay with the installation, our team of soundproof experts can help you select the right windows.

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

CitiQuiet installations are always guaranteed. We stand fully behind our work and are committed to helping every client secure a quiet work environment that supports high productivity with limited distractions. Maybe you can’t do anything about people walking up and down the hallways inside the building or annoying colleagues who intrude too often, but you can do something about unwanted noise from outside the building.

Are you ready to explore the option of installing soundproof commercial windows? Contact CitiQuiet or request a quote today. We’ve helped thousands of people in NYC soundproof their offices and even their homes. We look forward to helping you restore peace and quiet in your work environment.

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