CitiQuiet Soundproof Basement Windows

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home in the past couple of years. A lot of us have used our space differently than in the past and discovered the benefits and drawbacks of our current windows.

One area that may be getting newfound attention is your basement. Maybe it used to be storage but now it has become a home office. Or what was once an unfinished space is now an extra room for relaxation. Maybe you even renovated your basement to make an extra bedroom.

As your basement becomes a more usable space one thing becomes clear. You need soundproof basement windows. We tend to think of basements as naturally quiet, but any space with windows is a space where noise can intrude.

CitiQuiet has the soundproof basement windows you need!

CitiQuiet for Your Quiet Space

When the only thing inhabiting your basement is boxes, you don’t notice how much sound your windows are letting in. Now that you’re down there, all the street noise, foot traffic, and neighbors’ lawnmowers are blaring right into your peaceful oasis.

Noise pollution exists everywhere, from the heart of the city to the rural countryside. Sirens, trucks, planes, and buses make noise in the city. Farm equipment, animals, neighbors, and even family members bring noise with them to the suburbs and the country.

Too much noise is distracting and can disrupt your sleep. It can affect your ability to concentrate. Noise detracts from your ability to enjoy your home. Fortunately, there is something you can do to keep the noise outside where it belongs.

CitiQuiet has soundproof windows for every use, even the many configurations found in the basement. CitiQuiet windows work with your existing windows to block up to 95% of that intrusive noise.

Soundproof Basement Window Installation

Like all of our soundproof window inserts, CitiQuiet windows for basements are installed inside of your existing windows. No construction or alteration of your windows is necessary. And you don’t need building approval.

Installation is done efficiently and without mess by our trained technicians. CitiQuiet soundproof basement windows do not alter the appearance of your existing windows and are fully functional.

It doesn’t matter if you have small, foundation-level windows or larger windows in a semi-exposed basement. CitiQuiet soundproof windows can be made and installed on any existing window.

Basement window soundproofing with CitiQuiet is hassle-free and won’t disrupt your schedule with loud, dusty construction.

CitiQuiet Keeps Out More than Noise

Your new CitiQuiet soundproof basement windows do more than keep out noise. A window that lets in noise also lets in drafts and dirt. Our soundproof windows keep the elements outdoors.

Adding CitiQuiet soundproof windows to your existing windows will reduce the stress on your heating and cooling systems. Our soundproof window inserts keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You’ll save money and energy.

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

You’ll also improve the quality of your indoor air. With up to a 99% reduction in drafts and dirt, your basement space will feel cozier and cleaner. You’ll marvel at how much dirt your windows were letting in once your new CitiQuiet soundproof basement windows are installed.

You’ll also find that the humidity levels in your home are more effectively controlled with CitiQuiet soundproof window inserts. You’ll even out those wide swings from dry in the winter to humid in the summer as you reduce the outdoor air leaking into your space.

If you use your basement for storage, CitiQuiet’s soundproof basement windows keep your belongings cleaner. Those boxes will also thank you for reducing humidity fluctuations.

Energy-efficient CitiQuiet basement windows can also add to the market value of your home. Any window with CitiQuiet soundproofing window inserts will improve your home’s overall energy efficiency.

CitiQuiet Service Excellence

At CitiQuiet, we are proud of our products and our team. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our soundproof windows. We also have a 24-hour parts and service department to answer questions any time, day or night.

We want you to love your new soundproof basement windows. We go the extra mile to make sure your experience with CitiQuiet is professional and exceeds your expectations.

Your basement home office will become a place for focus and concentration. Your basement family room or bedroom will become a relaxing haven. You may even decide to turn your soundproofed basement into a music studio.

Contact us today to discuss CitiQuiet’s soundproof basement windows. No matter how you use your basement, your home will be cleaner, quieter, and more energy-efficient with our window inserts.

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