Soundproof Windows for Music Studio

Soundproof Windows for Your Music Studio

You’re ready to take your music to the next level and build a sound studio. Congratulations! This is an exciting project with a lot of decisions.

Or maybe you already have a music studio and are tired of intrusive noise ruining your experience. Outside noise wastes studio time, money, and effort. It’s time to discover the benefits of soundproof windows for music studios! 

CitiQuiet offers fast, effective, minimally disruptive installation of soundproof windows for music studios. We will help you turn any room in your home into the music studio of your dreams.

Noise is Not Music to Your Ears

Consider how many disruptive noises standard windows are letting into your space. Sometimes we become so accustomed to ambient outside noise that we don’t realize how loud it is until we eliminate it, or it shows up on an important audio project.

You might already be aware of how much noise makes it from the outside into your home or office. It can cause sleep disruption, affect your concentration, and keep you from enjoying your indoor spaces.

If you have or are building a music studio, that outside noise can ruin your hard work. No one wants a passing bus drowning out their backup vocals.

No matter where you live, there is noise outside your windows. If you live in a rural area, one tractor on the road can ruin an entire track. If you live in the city, noise is often continuous, from sirens to airplanes and more. Soundproofing windows for a music studio really is an absolute necessity. 

Not only will these soundproof windows keep sounds out, but they will also keep your sounds in- meaning no added disruptions for your neighbors (or if you are Lou Reed, no one to steal your work). The benefits of these soundproof windows for your home studio are endless! 

citiquiet recording studio windows

You Can Have Your Windows and Your Quiet

You don’t have to brick up your windows to get the quiet you need to make the most of your music studio.  CitiQuiet soundproof windows for music studios work with your existing windows to eliminate up to 95% of intrusive sound.

CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows match the look of your home and are both removable and fully functional. They are designed to fit inside your existing windows and eliminate sound without requiring any alteration to your window frames.

They can be installed without a construction permit or building approval, in a short amount of time, and with minimal intrusion. You’ll never know they’re there…until you realize how great your music sounds.

Fringe Benefits of Soundproof Windows for Your Music Studio

Cleaner Indoor Air

CitiQuiet soundproof windows offer more than just quiet. Our innovative window insert system keeps everything outside where it belongs, including dust, dirt, and drafts.

Adding our soundproof windows to your music studio reduces dirt and drafts by up to 99%. You already know that you want to keep out noise. You also need to keep out as much outdoor dirt as possible. Your sensitive equipment deserves the best treatment, and that is exactly what soundproof windows for your music studio will provide. 

Allergy sufferers will also love these convenient soundproofing windows. They reduce the amount of outdoor pollution and allergens that make their way into your home. Improved indoor air quality is good for everyone. Fewer allergens keep unexpected sneezes out of your recording sessions.

Enhanced Heating and Cooling Efficiency

While our soundproofing windows are doing their job eliminating intrusive noise, they are also saving you money. That’s a fringe benefit we can all appreciate.

CitiQuiet soundproof windows for music studios reduce the effects of weather on your indoor spaces. Your music studio will have fewer drafts and be more protected from the cold in the winter. In the summer, our window inserts keep the heat out and the cool air in.

Using less heat and air conditioning is good for the environment and your wallet.

Another benefit for music studios is the ability of CitiQuiet soundproofing windows to control moisture and humidity. Sensitive studio equipment needs a lot of care, and reducing its exposure to damp conditions will help you protect your investment.

Commitment to Customer Service

Since 1992, CitiQuiet has been dedicated to providing the best product and the best service. Our soundproofing windows come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any questions you may have.

We manufacture our products and train our staff to give you the best possible experience. Soundproofing your music studio is important and our experts are available every step of the way.

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

Choosing CitiQuiet

CitiQuiet is a New York City-based company and we understand the magnitude of noise pollution in a dense urban environment. Intrusive outdoor noise can make it impossible to enjoy your indoor spaces.

When it’s time to soundproof your music studio, our high-quality internal windows cut noise without construction or alteration of your existing windows. Contact us today to learn more about our modern solution to music studio soundproofing.

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