Soundproof Condo Windows

You know it’s time for soundproof condo windows when you feel like every second of your day is consumed by the beat of a large city. Everyone should have just as many opportunities for rest, relaxation, and quiet as they have for jobs, education, and socialization. That’s why CitiQuiet is dedicated to soundproofing condo windows in NYC and other urban areas.

Do you bring the energy of the big city home with you each day? If so, there’s a good chance you aren’t getting enough peace and quiet for your mind to reset overnight. NYC and other big cities come with a buzz of excitement that triggers nonstop stimulation for the brain. That may keep you wired for action during the day, but everyone needs a quiet place to rest, recharge, and hear their own thoughts over the big-city crowd.

Soundproof condo windows have come a long way over the years. You can now install a secondary pane of glass behind your existing windowpane that shuts out up to 95% of the noise coming from the outside. No construction is necessary, and the process is faster than most condo owners realize. There are also more benefits than you may realize before you have the direct experience of living with soundproof condo windows.

Benefits of Soundproof Condo Windows

Soundproofing condo windows is one of the simplest and fastest home improvement projects. It pays off tremendously in terms of your quality of life, financial obligations, and property value. It may start with relief that you can shut out the outside world and experience true peace and quiet at home, but the benefits go much deeper.

Reduce Noise Pollution by Up to 95%

Research has shown that soundproof windows eliminate up to 95% of noise entering a room from the outside world. The more windows you soundproof in your condo, the more likely you are to eliminate all distractions from the big city.

Save Energy & Money

Unwanted noise isn’t all that you block from your condo with soundproof windows. Adding a second windowpane also makes it easier to keep your condo perfectly temperature controlled. You will trap in more warmth in the winter and more cool air in the summer. The second window easily opens and shuts just like your original pane of glass, so you can still let in the fresh air as needed.

Trapping in more warm and cool air gives your HVAC system a break, and that means less energy expenditure. What comes with that? Oftentimes, it’s lower energy bills.

On top of that, there is a potential for incentives by improving your space’s energy efficiency. Con Edison, the main electricity and gas provider in New York City, has a large incentive program for homes, businesses, and other spaces that make changes toward being energy efficient. CitiQuiet is approved as a contract to provide these services for which incentives are offered. Be sure to check this out and contact us to help begin your energy-saving project!

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

While purifying the indoor air isn’t a primary motivation when soundproof windows are created, it is a perk that you may enjoy. The tight space between the soundproof pane and the original windowpane has been shown to trap particles that would otherwise make it through to your indoor living environment. You may still want to invest in an air purification system if air pollution is a primary concern but adding soundproof condo windows is another layer of defense against the pollution that does come with big-city life.

Elevate Property Value

Finally, soundproofing your condo windows can increase the value of your property. It can make your condo more attractive to buyers, especially if you live in a busy area with a lot of outdoor noise around the clock.

Even if you live near a large construction project that won’t exist forever, soundproof windows could give hesitant buyers what they need to feel comfortable purchasing the condo. They can always have the soundproof window removed when the construction is finished. Once they see how amazing these windows are, however, they won’t want them taken away. 

What to Expect from CitiQuiet when Soundproofing Condo Windows

CitiQuiet was established in 1992 with a mission to help businesses and residents control unwanted noise in their personal and professional environments. With an established team of soundproofing experts, we’re dedicated to providing honest, trustworthy quotes for jobs big and small.

If you have a noisy environment that you want to make more peaceful, we have soundproofing technology to make it happen effortlessly. You can expect the following when working with CitiQuiet:

·   Fast, convenient soundproofing process

·   Limited intrusions on your daily life

·   No messy construction zone within your home

·   Built directly into existing window opening with no alterations or damage

·   Easily removable soundproof window

·   Reduced drafts and leaks

benefits of soundproof windows
benefits of soundproof windows

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

CitiQuiet stands firmly behind the quality and safety of our soundproof windows for condos. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure every customer gets the peace and quiet they need at home or their money back without questions. Our windows are easy to remove at any point, and we look forward to helping you restore the peace inside your condo.

Contact us today to discuss your current need for soundproofing condo windows, or request a free estimate online.

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