LL97 Deadline Is Quickly Approaching

LL97 Deadline Is Quickly Approaching

If you own property in NYC, you have likely heard about Local Law 97, or LL97, by now. With the ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, LL97 was enacted to diminish New York’s detrimental impact on the escalating pace of climate change. From a wide lens, it is an effort to clean up our planet and make the world a better place to live. Zoomed in, however, it will greatly affect property owners all across New York. CitiQuiet is here to help educate, inform, and assist in the requirements for LL97. So, with an important deadline quickly approaching, let’s dive in! 

Reminder: What Exactly Is LL97 Again?

For a more detailed explanation of what Local Law 97 is, be sure to check out CitiQuiet’s original research and description here. For now, here is a quick synopsis to refresh your memory. 

Local Law 97 has the objective of mitigating carbon emissions from buildings, which, as previously mentioned, is ultimately the most efficient approach to curbing NYC’s carbon footprint. This law, enacted by New York City, stands as the most ambitious legislation implemented by any city worldwide in tackling emissions concerns originating from existing buildings. In essence, it establishes carbon emissions limits for energy consumption in a significant portion of NYC’s largest structures.

The Impending Deadline

So what is this impending deadline? CitiQuiet reported on what to expect with Local Law 97 back in January of 2021. Back then, the deadlines associated with this new law seemed far off and not extremely urgent. Now, however, the deadline is right around the corner. The caps on carbon emission buildings for many large NYC buildings, specifically those over 25,000 square feet, are set to start in 2024. They will grow to be more and more stringent over time, but this first set of requirements and regulations are officially in effect in merely a handful of months. 

What The Deadlines Means For You

In summary, the emission measurements will start to take place in January 2024 for all properties over 25,000 square feet. Non-compliance with the stipulations of LL97 will lead to substantial fines and financial penalties, potentially exceeding $1,000,000, contingent upon the size of the building. More specific information about the compliance rules and potential penalties can be found here. The summation of the situation is that the deadline is approaching, and there is no doubt that you are going to want to meet it to avoid the intense potential penalties. 

How CitiQuiet Can Help

Despite the fact that the deadline is quickly approaching, you don’t need to stress just yet, thanks to CitiQuiet. CitiQuiet offers a fast, reliable, and efficient way to help you meet the requirements and lessen the penalties of Local Law 97. With soundproof windows from CitiQuiet, energy efficiency is easier than ever to achieve. Plus, with CitiQuiet soundproof windows, it’s not just about meeting the bare minimum requirements of this law. There are so many other benefits that can be enjoyed with this soundproofing solution. Noise reduction, happier tenants, cost savings, enhanced property value, and more are all benefits that come with CitiQuiet’s soundproofing window solution. Not to mention a better, cleaner New York. 

The deadline is only months away, but CitiQuiet is only one call away. We are here and ready to help you meet the requirements of Local Law 97 and improve your building in ways you are sure to love. Give us a call today to see how we can help you! 

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