Soundproof Windows

The leading designer, manufacturer and installer of Soundproof Window Systems

Why Soundproof?

  • Eliminate up to 95% of existing noise
  • Installed into the existing window opening
  • No alteration or construction required to your present windows
  • Fully operable and completely removable
  • No building approval required

Gracie Mansion in NYC Soundproof Windows

  • Energy Efficient – Thermal, moisture and humidity control
  • Promote quality of life, productivity, and a lower stress level
  • Add market value to your property
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts

NYC office's soundproof windows by CitiQuiet

Why CitiQuiet?

Since 1992, CitiQuiet Windows has been Soundproofing Windows and providing products that are still being used extensively in New York City to reduce and eliminate unwanted noise.

Working in conjunction with your existing Windows, CitiQuiet Soundproofing treatments and windows can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, and a whole host of applications. Not only are CitiQuiet Windows the most widely known Soundproof Windows in the industry, they are manufactured to superior standards and carry a 100% satisfaction warranty. Our Interior Soundproof Window System, affectionately known as “Silent Windows” or “City Windows”, is a leader in noise elimination, providing soundproofing for windows that are used and recommended by recording studios, apartments, and offices in New York City and throughout the nation.

The additional benefits of CitiQuiet Windows are thermal values. In the winter months, CitiQuiet will cut down on the draft and the cold coming into your home or your office and you’ll save money on energy costs. In the summer months, CitiQuiet will cut down on the heat coming into your home or office and again, and you’ll yet again save on energy costs. We also have the ability with the CitiQuiet interior window to stop pollutants from coming into the home or office environment, because of the interior secondary window, much, if not all of those pollutants are trapped in between the primary window and the CitiQuiet interior window reducing dust and dirt and allergy pollutants into your living space.

Service, service, service is our mantra at CitiQuiet. We’ve a full time twenty four hour parts and service department but service begins at the first contact with our clients. When they contact us, they see the service we give and if you give it at the front end, it’s not necessary to have it the back end. Although, if anything goes wrong with the CitiQuiet product, we’ll fix it or replace it at our discretion for the lifetime in which you own it. If glass breaks, that’s the only thing we would charge you for.

Increase Property Market Value
Thermal, moisture & humidity control
Energy Efficient Thermal, moisture & humidity control

Our Soundproof Windows are perfect for every environment